September – Student of the Month / Gaeilgeoir na Míosa

                                         Student of the Month- September 2020


Theme- Giving Thanks

September has been a wonderful month for us at St Peter’s NS.  We are thankful that pupils, staff and families have been so good by following the rules to keep everyone safe.Thank you to the teachers for reassuring us that we are all a team as we work and play together during the school day. Thank you to the pupils for remembering to wash and sanitise hands, cleaning tables and chairs each day and keeping social distance as best as is possible. Thank you to SNAs who look out for all the children by taking temperatures in the morning. Thank you to Myles, our caretaker and Noeleen and Teresa, our cleaners for their hard work maintaining high standards inside and outside our beautiful school. Thank you to Kelly for making sure we get all the information to our families by email and on our website to let them know that we are all being the best we can be. I want to say a special Thank You to Fr McEnroe who prays for us every day and made sure our classes of 2020 had wonderful days to celebrate their Confirmation and First Communion.


We will continue with Student of the Month and Gaeilgeoir ne Míosa for September 2020. I would like to thank the teachers who have chosen Student of the Month and Gaeilgeoir na Míosa.  This has been a very hard decision for teachers because we know all children have been fantastic this month. I hope you’re all excited and don’t forget the drumrolls!

Tá  a fhios agam go bhfuil na paistí uilig ag baint triail as an Ghaeilge agus iarraim oraibh Gaeilge a labhairt i rith an lae. Chuala mé go bhfuil páistí i ngach seomra ag déanamh iarracht sar-mhaith agus tá mé iontach brodúil asaibh go léir. Bronnaim teastas Gaeilgeoir na Míosa- Méan Fómhair  do na páistí seo a leanas :


Gaeilgeoir na Míosa- Meán Fómhair

Naíonáin Shoisir- Max Meegan

Naíonáin Shinsir – Aoife Truesdale

Rang a hAon – Oliver Philips

Rang a Dó – Noah McCormack

Rang a Trí – Ms Moore- Senan Dolan

Rang a Trí – Ms Bermingham- Donncha Silchir

Rang a Ceathair – Ben McShane

Rang a Cúig – Ross Keenan

Rang a Sé – Leah Berrill


Click Here for photographs Gaeilgeoirí na Míosa


Class Student of the Month- September 2020

Junior Infants – Oísin Mulligan

Senior Infants – Aoife O’Reilly

First Class –  Caitlin McArdle

Second Class –  Lily Sharkey

Third Class – Ms Moore- Jade Berrill

Third Class – Ms Bermingham- Caoimhe Rose Rafferty

Fourth Class – Dominic Hearty

Fifth Class – Jaymee Martin

Sixth Class – Mia Finnegan


Overall Student of the Month- September

Dominic Hearty


Click Here for photographs September Student of the Month.

 There is so much in the world of nature and creation that should make us thankful.


Let’s spend a moment peacefully reflecting on this.


For families and friends  . . .

We are thankful.

For the beauty of nature and the world around us  . . .

We are thankful.

For all the things in life that we too often take for granted  . . .

We are thankful.

Please help us to be willing to show our thanks, not only in what we say but also in what we do – each day  . . .

We are thankful.