30th October 1987
At 11.40 am in the gym of St Peter’s School, Dromiskin, the excitement began. It was the day of Mr Morgan’s retirement and there was a silent atmosphere surrounding the school grounds. Classes from the chattering Junior Infants to the serious sixth were gathered together. Only one class was not present and that was Mr Morgan’s (third). Mrs Warren and Mrs Morgan were doing their best to get everybody singing. Then there was a silence as third class walked in, followed by the surprised Mr Morgan who was greeted by a loud applause. He was lead to the top of the gym, followed by the singing of “Congratulations”. Meanwhile Mrs. Sharkey, Mrs. Mc Gee and Mrs Mc Kiernan went around keeping order. This was followed by a poem which was written by Mr Hamilton. The first verse was said by all the boys from fifth class, and the second by all the girls from fifth class. The third verse was said by Niamh Warren and fourth by Christina Neary and the fifth by Linda Hamill who were all from sixth class. The last verse of this true poem about Mr. Morgan was said by fifth and sixth classes After this Michael Kinahan said a poem of which the title was “Halloween Magic’. He was from Sixth class and dressed as Dracula which pleased the young children very much. A humorous play followed this and was performed by Mark Fagan, Shane Bannon and Kenneth Farrelly all from sixth class. It’s title was “Back in the classroom” a play enjoyed by everybody as if the actors were professional. Aaron Carolan read  aloud a poem which he composed himself about the teachers  of  the school but mostly about Mr. Morgan. After this they sang “Congratulations”, while a large box was wheeled in and in it was Miss Piggy (Miss Mc Kenna). She jumped from the box and sat on Mr. Morgan’s knee. She talked to the audience as Miss Piggy and went on to tell a story which was about Mr. Morgan who was a beautiful prince. Then she was wheeled off and afterwards returned. Jim Woods from Sixth made a speech on behalf of the pupils of the school which Mr. Morgan greatly appreciated. Then followed a speech by Mr. Morgan, which was encouraging and then he thanked everybody. Afterwards three cheers were given and Mr. Morgan handed around sweets while everyone congratulated him.