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Welcome to St Peter's National School in Dromiskin, Co. Louth in Ireland

School News


June Message to children and parents of St Peter’s N.S.

Well done on a very successful Sports' Day om Monday and it looks like so many of you enjoyed your Active Sports' Week. Well done on completing your 2km Walk for Geraldine Fussey's fundraiser for Cappagh Hospital and remember to put a small contribution on her GoFundMe Page. 

One more week to go and I hope you are excited regarding the Virtual Schhol Tour on Monday 22nd June. There are more ideas planned for each day next week so do check out this website and Classdojo.

Book Lists for next term have been finalised and Kelly will be sending out this information next week. The class teachers for the new school term are as follows:


Junior Infants- Ms Lambert

Senior Infants- Ms Doherty

First Class- Ms Smyth

Second Class- Ms Moore

Third Class- Ms O'Rourke ( Ms Moore's Second Class)

Third Class- Ms Bermingham ( her current Second Class)

Fourth Class- Ms Halpenny

Fifth Class- Mr McComish

Sixth Class- Ms Keane

 The staff and myself would like to thank your parents too for taking on school work with such enthusiasm. We recognise that you, the parents have been the main support for your children and it has been wonderful to look at all the lovely examples of work posted online. Thank you also for sending schoolwork via email and taking phone calls to help with the teaching and learning at home. We all know that the happiness and health of family members comes first. We have enjoyed all the screenshots of happy children in their gardens, playing, barbecuing, camping, rock painting etc. It has been a time to listen to those closest to us, realise we have the skills to cope and to care for loved ones, young and not so young.

First Communion Service for Ms Moore's Second Class will take place on Saturday 12th September at 12pm in St. Peter's Church. First Communion Service for Ms Bermingham's Class will take place on unday 13th September at 12pm  in St. Peter's Church.Confirmation for the current Sixth Class has been scheduled forDunday 6th September at 1pm in St. Peter's Church. On behalf of the school community I thank Fr McEnroe for arranging these dates and more details to follow.

Sixth Class Graduation Ceremony Tuesday 23rd June at 11 o'Clock.

Thank you to the Parents' Council for arranging gift bags for Sixth Class. We suggest to the rest of our families, Fifth Class down to Junior Infants that if you are free on Tuesday 23rd June to line up around the village, close to your housing estate and remembering social distance guidelines. Sixth Class will be driving through the village approximately 12:15 pm and it would be lovely to see the Dromiskin community cheer them on for the end of their time att St Peter's School. We respectfully ask that the school car park be used only by the sixth class children and their parents.

To all the pupils I’d ask you to continue forwarding your schoolwork, keep up the English reading and Maths as much as you can. When it is sunny go out and enjoy some fun in your garden.

Take care everyone.

Le gach deaghuí,

Ms Lynch