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Welcome to St Peter's National School in Dromiskin, Co. Louth in Ireland

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Welcome back to school for the last term. We hope you are all safe and well and finding good ways to enjoy the sunshine. I would like to thank the children who have sent lovely messages via email and snail mail to let the teachers know how you are getting on in these strange times. COMMUNICATION is so important and hearing from you lets us know how best we can support all children and your families.

For this term I would like you to focus on communication in the following ways:

  1. Parents' Questionnaire will be sent out via email to all families and we ask you to return answers at your earliest convenience. 
  2. Children, send your work to your class teacher on dojo regularly so they can correct it and give you any help. I am sending out virtual lollipops still so you can email a sample of your work to me too.
  3. Children, maybe you could write a letter, message or card to someone you haven't seen in a while. Your message would bring a smile to their face.
  4. The Joes' Challenge: Design A Rock is a lovely way to connect with everyone in Dromiskin. Don't forget to deliver it to the Joes' Clubrooms this week when you are out for your Daily Mile. I can't wait to see your creativity on their Wild Flower Garden Wall.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected and Keep Having Fun!!









This is a useful website for parents to explain the current situation:


                                                           Please also see other resources at this page

                                                          Best wishes to all of you,
                                                          Ms Lynch