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Welcome to St Peter's National School in Dromiskin, Co. Louth in Ireland

School News


September News

Well done to everyone on the great teamwork at St Peter’s N.S. on returning to school. It has been three weeks since that first day when you arrived at the school yard, probably excited and also a little nervous about how we would manage your safety at school. Thank you to all the staff for the preparations put in place during the summer. Thank you to the parents for entrusting us and reassuring your children. Most of all a big thank you to the children for listening and following the rules. Keep up the great work.

Drop Off and Collection

We ask children to continue to line up in the yard each morning in their assigned groups.

You have been brilliant at remembering to wash your hands, use the sanitisers and following the correct cough/sneeze etiquette.

We are asking you to focus on how we leave the school each day. The Home Times will change from next Monday, 21st September.

  •       14:35  1st Group  A- H
  •       14:40  2nd Group I- Mc
  •       14:45  3rd Group M-Z

Children should leave promptly and parents are asked to ensure you have left the car park as soon as possible to facilitate other groups. As we listen to reports on the numbers rising each day, we ask everyone to adhere to social distancing guidelines as they leave the school ground and especially in the car park.

September is all about settling back in school, reconnecting with friends and taking time for children to adjust to change. The Department of Education and Skills has asked us to prioritise Literacy, Numeracy, Wellbeing and P.E.

Tennis lessons have resumed and we thank Gary for working with us on being safe and having fun with this exercise.  We ask children to leave footballs at home. Children will use the class equipment for football and skipping during break times which will be sanitised before and after use.

Digital Learning

The platforms for teaching and learning in the event that classes may have to work from home are as follows:

Junior Infants & Senior Infants- Class Dojo & Padlet

First- Sixth Class- Google Classrooms- Only for assignment work set by class teacher. 

We have purchased 12 Google Chromebooks and updated our Dell laptops to provide G-Suite for Education. In the coming weeks your child will receive a Gmail address which they will use to log on to their own personal account for Google Classrooms. More information to follow. 

All communication between parents and teachers regarding school work should be forwarded via Dojo. Teachers will respond to messages at their earliest convenience.

Thank you for your patience, kindness and support.

Keep Calm, Keep Happy and Keep Safe