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Welcome to St Peter's National School in Dromiskin, Co. Louth in Ireland

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Children, Staff & Parents,

I can’t believe how quickly this month has gone and we are delighted to be starting the Hallowe’en Break safe and well. We had a very successful day, celebrating Hallowe’en together. The Witches’ Walk was held outdoors in the autumnal sunshine. Check out the photographs Here. Enjoy the videos Here. Thank you to all the SNA team for judging, taking photos and videos and dressing up too.

The amazing Hallowe’en Hamper was won by Philip in Third Class. Thank you to the Parents’ Council for putting it together and a very big thank you to all our families who bought the tickets. A fantastic €1000 was raised!!!

I asked you all to think about a very important word for you and your families at the moment. That word is HOPE.

Why is it important to have hope?

Hope allows us to believe that anything is possible. If we didn’t have hope, we would give up when things are difficult.

Perhaps you have a hope or a dream for yourself or your class or your family. Whatever it is how will you achieve your hopes and dreams. It will take perseverance, practise, hard work, a lot of effort, time, patience and training.

A famous actor Christopher Reeve ( the original Superman) said:

 ‘Once you choose hope, anything is possible’.

I hope you all are happy and stay safe over the Hallowe’en Break and I hope to see everyone together as one at St Peter’s School  when school reopens on Monday 2nd November.


Thank you for your patience, kindness and support.

Keep Calm, Keep Happy and Keep Safe