St. Peter’s N.S. along with Pamela Whitaker, Groundswell, Dromiskin Tidy Towns and the Community Scheme workers are creating a beautiful Dreamtime garden adjacent to our Outdoor Classroom and Insect Village. The design is based on the Celtic Cross in Dromiskin and also the arch in the old Monastic ruins.

The project started in November 2012 with a meeting to create a design for the garden. Present were the Green School committee, Pamela Whitaker, Groundswell, Pat Corrigan and Pat Rafferty, CE Scheme, Seamus Mc Ardle Dromiskin Tidy Towns and Principal Pat Mulligan. The children had created different drawings based on the Celtic Cross and Monastic ruins from the graveyard and after much debate and a further meeting in January a final design was agreed.

In February Seamus Mc Ardle marked out the garden and the very efficient CE workers soon had it dug out to Seamus’s specifications. Top soil was donated by a local builder to leave everything in tip top shape.

On Friday, March 1st, Ms S Mc Keown’s 4th class planted 14 trees under the supervision of Pamela and helped by CE workers Brendan and Paddy. Each tree was planted with a wish composed by the pupils and all the plants had a warm blanket of straw and were well watered. Planted were: 2 Medlars, 2 Malus Laura (Crab Apple), 2 Malus Golden Hornet (Crab Apple), 4 Purple Filbert (Hazel) and 4 Common Hazel. All the trees produce either edible fruits or nuts

In April we added a lovely willow arch and children wove willow branches on to our mesh fence

At the end of April Seamus Mc Ardle added two beautiful seats made from timber rescued from a local period house. Seamus then installed our centrepiece – a milestone also doubling as an ancient Ogham stone. Carved in the ancient script is the word CARE. Thank you Seamus – these are wonderful adornments to our garden of dreams.

Friday, May 3, saw a Training Day organised by Pamela Whitaker. It was great to see the event supported by a dedicated group of Dromiskin parents and also members of the local Tidy Towns. We also had visitors from Blackrock and Drogheda. This was a morning of planting, poetry, weaving, painting and chat – enjoyed by all.

May 17th saw a further visit from Pamela. Parents, Tidy Town members from Dromiskin, Kilkerley and Ardee as well as pupils planted 2 Nepeta or catmint, 5 Salvia (Purple and Dark Pink), 3 Johnson’s Blue Geraniums and  1 Geranium Karmina in the Dreamtime Garden. We also planted yellow thyme and lavender in each of the four circles. In the Outdoor Classroom was placed, 1 Ceanothus Shrub (or California Lilac). We also re-enacted our procession to the Peace Garden down in the village. We handed out Peace Messages to passers by and also planted flowers, herbs and vegetables – 2 Verbascum (these should grow tall with yellow spires),  2 Salvia and  2 Achillea (yellow flowers with feathery leaves),  in the flower garden  –  1 Peppermint, 2 Lavender and 1 Chamomile  in the herb garden. We also planted Red Lettuce around a tree. Beautiful poetry, from the boys and girls in 6th class was read out and a special morning was completed with refreshments served by Pamela. Click HERE for pictures of the day

Towards the end of May and in to June parent, Louise Mc Manus, helped the children to paint and decorate stones which they brought in. Louise helped the boys and girls in all classes pick nice designs and then varnish over to protect against the weather. The stones had their creator’s name and were placed around the beds. Seamus Mc Ardle also added a third seat. Our Dreamtime space was really taking shape

Also placed in the garden were poems from the pupils in 6th class. They will help visitors to be peaceful and relaxed in the garden.

Pamela spent a day with us on June 6th working with parents Catherine, Imelda, David and girls from 6th Class. They were sewing, crocheting weaving and also designed a wonderful Dreamtime tent, the frame made out of willow. We also filled our beds with some more plants. The sun shone and everybody had a wonderful time. This was also the day when the Environmental judges from Louth County Council visited the school. I’m sure they appreciated Pamela, parents and children working so closely together and to see other classes enjoying their lessons in the Outdoor Classroom. Click HERE for pictures

OFFICIAL OPENING. Click HERE for pictures

See the development of our garden in the pictures below