The AGM of the Parents’ Committee took place in September in the school hall. Here is the committee for this year


Chairperson: Susan Byrne 

Acting Secretary: Nora Kerr 

Treasurer: Anne Mc Keown


Declan Watters
Amy Mc Cormack
Breda Sheridan
Chloe Woods
Elaine Smyth
Ellen Kinahan
Emma Mc Quillan
Laureen O’Connor
Ernesto Silclir
Shelly Floody
Laura Galligan
Quinton Hanlon
Joanne Kelly
Michelle Mc Evoy
Lina Pakamoryte
Alex Pakamoryte
Sheila Phillips
Nicole Ralph
Stephen Ralph
Viktorija Lukoseviciene

Message from the Parents’ Council 2022-23

Dear Parents, 

Our Parents’ Council is your Parents’ Council.

All parents of pupils in St. Peter’s N.S. are automatically considered members of our Council and they are encouraged to lend their support throughout the school year when they can. In order for us to go from strength to strength it is important to have new parents with new ideas involved with the Parents’ Council. As parents ourselves we understand the demands on your time and any involvement with the parents’ council and your time is greatly appreciated. However, for the continued success we are always looking for more volunteers to come on board. Please feel free to contact any member of the Council if you would like to become more involved or use the email below.


What does our Parents’ Council do?

  • One of our most important achievements has been fundraising for school resources. Most recently we have been involved in:
    • –Restocking the school library. Most recently we contributed towards the purchase of levelled reading books for 3rd and 4th classes.
    • –Purchasing additional sports equipment such as goalposts for the infant and middle yards, new basketball equipment and lots of other equipment the children use during coaching sessions, after school training and during P.E. lessons.
    • –Purchasing additional sports jerseys and kit.
    • –Funding the new maths initiative Numicon (school year 2018-19).
    • –Funding the redevelopment of the kitchen as an additional resource for the school. This has enabled every class to participate in cookery and/or bakery sessions this academic year. It also means our school and wider community are more able to cater for events (e.g. refreshments after Communion or Confirmation).
    • –Funding for the Fruit and Veg days throughout the school year. These events provide children with the chance to taste a wide range of fruit and vegetables.
    • –Funding and organising the Carol Service refreshments each December. Our Council also seek sponsorship for the very successful raffle we hold after the Carol Service each year. 
  • Organising the Black Tie Gala in 2018 and 2019. This has been a vital fundraiser for our school and has been a wonderful community event. 
  • Organising the refreshments for after Communion and Confirmation. We also make sure there are adequate cups/saucers/cutlery available.
  • Fund school seasonal events:
    • –Provide a hamper for the Halloween raffle
    • –Arrange Santa visit for children and fund treats on the day
    • –Fund gifts for children’s Christmas raffle
  • Arrange talks on topics of interest to parents.
  • Read and approve school policies and procedures 

Contact the Parent’s Council via email on  The Parents Council have also got an active Facebook Page which is regularly updated HERE. We welcome your input and support.