Our 10th Green Flag raised at St. Peter’s N.S.

Congratulations to the children and staff at St Peter’s NS on attaining the 10th Green Flag for Global Citizenship Food and Biodiversity, which was blessed on Tuesday, 14th June by our Parish Priest, Fr Pat Mc Enroe. We were delighted to invite our parish priest as our guest of honour to this special event, especially as he celebrated his golden jubilee recently. We thank him for his kind words and we will remember to take the time to admire the natural surroundings of Dromiskin village.

The Green Schools Committee have worked for two years, promoting Global Citizenship Food and Biodiversity among all the classes and to the wider community. The children focused on
Our Diet Our Climate as their main project. Classes learned how to grow and plant their own vegetables and enjoy eating their own produce. Thank you to the Dromiskin Tidy Towns for helping us with our Incredible Edible Garden and providing us with the Biodiversity Map of the Church/School Grounds. Thank you to the class teachers for teaching children how to start from seed to grow lettuces, onions, radishes, strawberries and many more. Healthy lunches and breakfasts were also enjoyed by junior classes. Awareness of sugar content in drinks, snacks and even yogurts was highlighted in other projects. So much hard work by everyone!!

We linked in with Smyth’s Farm to highlight how local produce bought within our community can be a healthy option. By sourcing local produce we are also reducing our carbon footprint. We thank the Smyth family for taking the time to provide us with Wholly Cow milk. We had a memorable day in March 2021 for Junior Infants to Second Class for our first milk promotion. The school had just reopened after lockdown. We have come a long way since then. This year, all the classes were present on Sports Day to enjoy their glass of milk.

Thank you to the Parents’ Council for supporting us today to celebrate the success of all children in all classes. The church/school grounds are looking better than ever thanks to you. We couldn’t help noticing the bees buzzing among the beautiful plants in the car park. The plants look more vibrant this year, offset by the bright stones laid down by our parents.

St Peter’s NS was one of the first schools in the country to become involved in environmental issues and Mary Murtagh, Dromiskin Tidy Towns representative commended the school community on continuing to excel in working hand in hand to make Dromiskin a wonderful place for all forms of life.

Well done to 6th class for finishing the flag-raising ceremony with their song,
A Message to Our Earth to the tune of Heatwaves. They were the winners of our Create a Rap/Song to promote Global Citizenship Food and Biodiversity.
‘Save our world with our diet, no one gets hurt, neither does our climate’.