World Bee Day

3rd Class had very special visitors today to celebrate World Bee Day on May 20th – an actual hive of bees! Our local beekeeper Martin brought in a solitary bee house and a special frame that we could examine Irish honeybees up close, without fear of being stung! We learned lots of information about bees and we made wonderful posters and banners to celebrate the occasion. We have been working hard in our vegetable patch and in our Eco-Tribes project to learn how to protect bees and encourage them to visit our vegetables and herb patch. We really enjoyed searching for the queen bee, examining the drones and woker bees and we even had a solitary bee escapee! Thomas and Daisy both spotted new worker bees hatching and there was great excitement when we dressed up in beesuits-even Ms Lynch! We are excited to incorporate what we learned today into our Eco-Tribes project next week 🐝🐝🐝