Fire Officers visit 3rd class

Tuesday 10th October saw a very informative visit from Dundalk Fire Station officers to Ms Larney’s 3rd class. Leading the team was Martin Yore, past pupil of the school and head of Dundalk Fire Station. Martin and his colleagues explained all about fire safety instructions and the procedures to follow in the case of a fire either at home or at school. Officer Seán explained how important it was to get out quickly, forget about personal belongings and never to try re-entering the building. Once at the scene the fire officers would take charge of all these matters.

Officer Robbie Nash showed off some of their very expensive equipment – protective clothing, helmet and breathing apparatus. Robbie also stressed how important it was to check electrical appliances, electric wires and not to overload sockets. This often happens at Christmas time. It was also very important to take great care at Halloween particularly if close to bonfires or fireworks.

The students were taken out to examine the fire engine. Sergeant Yore showed us how the powerful water hoses work and we saw some of their cutting equipment and fittings. It was fun but also very interesting and we picked up some very important tips.

Mr Yore gave every pupil an information pack  and we were all to chat with our Mums and Dads and do a fire safety audit of our own homes. Thank you Dundalk fire station!!                                   MORE PICTURES