Student of the Month February/ Gaeilgeoir na Míosa Mí na Feabhra


School Assembly took place on Tuesday and all the boys and girls were commended on the wonderful work they have done in February. There was added excitement today as the Boys’ GAA team had just returned from the first round of the All County Boys’ Blitz. They won their three matches and proceed to the next round. The staff were delighted to announce the winners of this month’s certificates. Congratulations to the following boys and girls on receiving their Student of the Month Certificates in February. 


Student of the Month February

Junior Infants Ms Smyth- Kate Floody

Junior Infants Ms Halpenny- Owen Gorham

Senior Infants Ms Halpenny- Kitty Byrne

First Class Ms O’Rourke- Kara Crosby

Second Class Ms Mulroy- Leia Crosby

Third Class Ms Cafferty- Estera Zenderowska

Fourth Class Ms Lambert- Ethan Joyce

Fifth Class Mr McComish- Conall McKenna Yore

Fifth Class Ms Rogers- Killian McKeown

Sixth Class Mr Smyth- Liam McKeown

Photographs are available to view here.


Gaeilgeoir na Míosa Mí na Feabhra

Bhí na páistí seo a leanas ag obair  go dian i rith Mí Feabhra. Baineann siad usáid as an Gaeilge sa rang agus sa chlós agus déanann siad iarracht den scoth Gaeilge a labhairt gach lá.

Naíonáin Shoisir Ms Smyth- Ava Thornton

Naíonáin Shoisir Ms Halpenny- Connie Kinahan

Naíonáin Shinsir Ms Halpenny- MJ Dromgoole

Rang a hAon Ms O’Rourke- Cian Halpenny

Rang a Dó Ms Mulroy- Patrick Mulligan

Rang a Trí Ms Cafferty- Jessica Mason

Rang a Ceathair Ms Lambert- Evan Halpenny

Rang a Cúig Mr McComish- Sabina Zenderowska

Rang a Cúíg Ms Rogers- Caoimhe Morgan

Rang a Sé Mr Smyth- Cian McQuillan

Féachaigí ar na griangrafanna anseo.


The overall winner for the month of February Estera Zenderowska in Third Class was presented the Hamilton Trophy.