Student Council – Car Park


What a lovely surprise for families and staff to see the car park markings refreshed during the Easter holidays. St Peter’s N.S. prides itself on looking after the health and safety of children. Concerns had been raised by the Parents’ Council and Students’ Council on road safety, particularly on arrival and departure from school. The Board of Management was delighted to address these issues and we think the contractor, Kelly Bros. Cavan has done a superb job.

Many thanks to Ms Halpenny, Student Council Coordinator and to the members of the Student Council who have created a video on Road Safety in the Car Park. We ask all parents, guardians and drivers to take some time and watch this informative video. We think they have done a terrific job and we hope you will be mindful when travelling to and from school.

St Peter’s NS Board of Management would like to thank the Parish Council for facilitating families and friends in the use of this car park. Together we can ensure that the school/church grounds always look its best.

Le scáth a cheile a mhaireann na daoine.

Ms Aoibheann Lynch