St Peter’s NS supporting Earth Day


Today is Earth Day and the theme is Restore Our Earth. The Green Schools Committee is asking all families to do one good deed today to help retore our earth. Some of the suggestions from school children are

  1. A quick litter pick.
  2. Plant a pollinator-friendly plant in your garden.
  3. Shop sustainably, e.g. buy Irish produce.
  4. Be aware of the travel miles for importing fruit and vegetables from abroad.
  5. Reduce, reuse and recycle packaging.
  6. Get active with Junior Dromiskin Tidy Towns.

The list is endless. Thank you to Fourth Class for wonderful display of posters for Earth Day. Check out the great work we are doing in the Dreamtime Garden and Floral Display area at the Basketball Court here. We plan to work on the planting and redorating of our Outdoor Classroom in the next few days. Enjoy Earth Day!