School Closure Work

8th-12th June

A message from Ms. Lynch



  1. Check Class Dojo and the school website for updated suggestions and activities from your teacher.
  2. Give your teacher feedback on how your child is getting on. This will help with preparations after Easter break.
  3. Take time out to enjoy the good weather and do some fun family activities.
  4. RTE school hub starts this week, so try it out if you can.
  5. If children would like to show their work to Ms. Lynch please forward it to


It is hard to believe that next week is our final week before school officially closes. We have lots of activities planned!

🚌Monday – Virtual Tour Day🚌
School tours are usually a highlight of the school year and we are all disappointed not to be heading off on buses, singing songs and having adventures. Our destination was San Diego Zoo. You can view the tour HERE.

💡Tuesday – STEAM Day💡
This was a chance for the students of St. Peter’s to showcase their wonderful talents, creativity and imagination. Lots of S(cience) T(echnology) E(ngineering) A(rt) and M(aths) activities were posted.

🐱🐶Wednesday – Virtual Pet Day🐶🐱
Check out our virtual pet show HERE. There was also a quiz to match some furry friends to the correct staff member! HERE🐥

🎤🎶Thursday – Virtual Disco & Games Day🎶🎤
Our last day is usually a lovely way to end the year. We’ll be posting some ideas on how you can mark your final day of the academic year.

This padlet will stay “live” over the summer so you can dip in and out of it if you find yourself bored on a rain day. 😊


Class Dojo – you should now be linked with your child(ren)’s class and the school. Your child can post work to their portfolio and you can contact your child(ren)’s teacher if you have any queries or need further support.

School Closure Resources – we have compiled a useful page of websites, games and links. 

Children Receiving Support – our SET (Special Education Team) have compiled a list of literacy and maths links and advice for children who were receiving additional support. 

Talking To Your Child About CoVid-19 – we have child-friendly booklets, links and videos that may be useful during this challenging time.