Parents’ Council Fruit N’ Veg Day

Thank you once again to the ladies who organised the Fruit n’ Veg Day in St. Peter’s N.S. on Tuesday 12th February.

Children were thrilled to taste all the delicious fruit and vegetables.  Mandarin oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, strawberries, carrots, peppers to name a few of the colourful display enticed children and staff to eat healthy snacks. A well-balanced diet should include 5 -7 portions of fruitvegetables and salad a dayFruitvegetables and salad have a lot to offer, especially when we eat a variety of them. This is part of our Health and Well-Being Programme and we are so grateful to the parents for spending most of the day with us, preparing and serving the fruit and vegetables. 

We look forward to this activity next month and I hope a few more parents will join us on the day to see the great work being done by the Parents’ Council.

Check out a few photographs HERE.