Welcome to First Class!

We have been so busy in First Class since we started back at the end of August. 

We’ve been doing lots of Art and STEM Challenges and we’ve been writing every day during Writing Workshop!

Check out our first day photographs here!

Have a look at some of the wonderful work we’ve created below!

Rainbows – we used lots of different art materials for our rainbow pictures. We painted our backgrounds and learned how to mix different shades of blue. Then we used chalk pastels and oil pastels to create two fabulous rainbows! We love how all our pictures are so different!

Umbrellas – we focused on line during these art lessons and we learned all about horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curved and zigzag lines. We designed our umbrellas using lots of different lines and patterns.

Toucans – we read a story called “Grandad’s Island” and we loved the Toucan that flew across most of the pages. So we decided to draw some Toucans during our Art lesson. We will be researching Toucans for our report writing later this month!

Working Together – we have spent a lot of time during September learning how to work together and be a team. Our teacher is so proud of how kind we are to everyone in our class.