Student Council 2020-2021


Student Council 2020-21

The new Student Council in St. Peter’s N.S. for the school year 2020-21 is now in place. Elections were held in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Classes in September, resulting in the election of 11 members – a boy and a girl to represent each class, and one extra member as there was a tie in Ms Bermingham’s 3rd Class. Each candidate made a public speaking presentation of his/her manifesto, with one pupil even producing “Vote for Me!” badges for her classmates! 

Our first socially distanced meeting took place in October, and the Student Council members eagerly discussed their ideas for improving school life – rainy day activities, sports equipment and waste management were some of the suggestions. All members are very keen for our annual Carol Service to take place in some way this year, and teachers will be consulted about the pupils’ ideas. Plans were made for our Hallowe’en Witches Walk, and Council members were assigned to Junior classes to keep them informed of developments by giving updates over the intercom. Finally the new Student Council members were presented with their badges. 

We would like to thank last year’s Student Council whose term came to an unexpected end on March 12th last, and who worked to introduce the Graduation Hoodies which were worn proudly by 6th Class for their outdoor Graduation ceremony in June and on Confirmation Day in September. We look forward to listening to this year’s Student Council members as they play their part in voicing their opinions and ideas on the many issues affecting our school.

Please CLICK HERE to see photos of the members of St. Peter’s N.S. Student Council 2020-21.