Monday 24th June saw the official opening of our Dreamtime Garden. What began as an idea with a blank piece of paper last November had finally reached fruition. Principal, Mr. Mulligan, thanked all those who had helped make this day possible – the children, teachers, parents, members of the CE scheme, Dromiskin Tidy Towns, Environmental Section Louth County Council, Louise Mc Manus, David Kinahan and Ms Keane O Hagan. This was a real community effort. In particular he thanked Seamus Mc Ardle and Dr. Pamela Whitaker. Pamela oversaw the project from its inception and was responsible for the trees, plants and flowers chosen as well as many of the art and craft activities that accompanied the project. Without her it would never have happened. Seamus created three beautiful bespoke seats/benches as well as a unique Ogham/Milestone which forms the centrepiece of the garden. Mr. Mulligan reminded those present that this was a place of peace, contemplation and reflection – a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the playground

Ms Keane O Hagan reminded the large crowd of the garden’s connection with the school’s past. She highlighted the Dromiskin NS contribution, in 1937, to the Irish Folklore Commission collection. She and members of 6th class mentioned some of the ancient cures practised in Dromiskin many years ago and which deserved a mention on this day, the anniversary of St. John. Pamela explained the significance of the four fires dotted around the school grounds at the Biblical Garden, the newly named Wisdom Garden, the Outdoor Classroom and the Dreamtime Garden. They represented the four ancient Celtic festivals of Imbolc (Spring), Bealtaine (Summer), Lúnasa (Autumn) and Samhain (Winter). Welcoming pilgrims at each of these stations were parents (Imbolc), Dromiskin Tidy Towns (Bealtaine), pupils (Lúnasa) and teachers (Samhain). Children, parents and grandparents on their pilgrimage to each fire, carried a stone and made a personal wish while symbolically burning a piece of grass. On their journey they sang and ancient chant of our forefathers “Earth my Body, Water my Blood ………..”.

After the ritual of pilgrimage, wishes and chants the children entertained the adults with a fun “flash dance” showing off their more modern dancing skills. Indeed rumour has it that they may have been joined by some Mums and Dads who were moved by the spirit of the occasion! Well done Disco Dave – a great afternoon was had by all.