Global Citizenship Food and Biodiversity News

Global Citizenship Food and Biodiversity

 We are working towards our tenth Green Flag. The global Citizenship Food and Biodiversity theme consists of two main strands of work. 

The first strand focuses on local actions, including growing and eating food that is grown on the school grounds. 

The second strand focuses on global impacts, such as the positive impact these local actions can have, by interrupting the current global food production system, and the environmental problems associated with it, e.g. by reducing the miles that food has travelled, or by avoiding the package waste associated with school bought foods.


2021- The pupils and staff of St Peter’s NS are working on the first strand and currently classes are growing herbs, fruit and vegetables in the school garden. We are asking classes to forward photographs and written reports on how they are getting on with growing food projects.

Our Awareness Survey was completed in November 2020. The Whole School Survey results can be viewed here