Traditionally, one of the highlights of the school year, in Dromiskin, is the arrival of Santa with his helpers and their presents. Giving Rudolf a rest, Santa has amazed us over the years with his different modes of transport. We have had a London black taxi, a red Ferrari, a Starsky and Hutch Grand Torino, a Beach Buggy, a soft top Volkswagen Beetle and last Christmas an all electric Tesla car.

However, in 2018, Santa decided that he would be very cool and arrived in a red VW trike!! He visited all the classes with his helpers and had treats for everyone. Santa hoped that all the boys and girls were well behaved and said that he would do his best to provide all the presents on their Christmas lists. He had a special welcome for Mr Mulligan who was greeting Santa for the last time in the school. Santa also paid a special visit to Lena’s playschool.

A big thank you to our Parents’ Committee for inviting and special thanks to David and Gerry!!