Past pupil and successful artist, Eimear Murphy, paid a very enjoyable visit to 5th and 6th classes on December 17th. She was accompanied by her Dad Brendan.

Eimear attended the National College of Art and Design and was commissioned soon after to do a major installation for Dublin Port. This was made of concrete – 2 metres high and weighing 5 ton. The mould took nearly a year to complete but interestingly the concrete was then poured in half an hour in total.

Eimear showed a slideshow of her work to the very interested 5th and 6th class pupils and then took a question and answer session explaining her techniques and the inspiration for her work. Eimear currently works and lectures in the National Gallery and has had a recent exhibition in Droichead Arts Centre in Drogheda. Click HERE to see more of her work.

She then did a hands on session with 6th class. She had made a number of moulds representing the school building and grounds. Eimear provided the children with all sorts of materials (sandpaper, clay, stone, plastic, duct tape etc.) to put in the moulds. The children’s imagination did the rest. She took the moulds off with her and will pour concrete in to them and return the finished work to the school. We can’t wait to see how they turn out!! Click HERE  to see pictures of her visit and the children’s creations.

We finished off this excellent visit by listening to a couple of Eimear’s Dad, Brendan’s, You Tube videos. Just the thing to get us all in the mood for Christmas.