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23 Oct2020October 23, 2020

Pop Art

In art we studied the Pop Art of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. We particularly liked the strong colours used and we did our own pop art. Click here to see our lovely work

12 Oct2020October 12, 2020


In Sixth Class we are doing tennis coaching with Gary. We really enjoy it and are improving all the time. Click here for some photos of us in action.

09 Oct2020October 9, 2020

Our prayer tree

In Sixth Class we brought in a photograph of our family to put in our sacred space in our classroom. It is lovely to have our family with us during the school day. We remember them especially in our prayers and have written special prayers which we have hung on our prayer tree. Click here

07 Oct2020October 9, 2020


In Sixth class we made our own musical instruments to play. Each group had particular sounds and rhythms to play. We created our own symbols for particular sounds and composed a piece to play. We then performed our own and group compositions. Click here for our musical magic!

07 Oct2020October 7, 2020

Mo bhiachlár

Sa rang Gaelach  bhí Rang a Sé ag foghlaim faoi bia. Ansin scríobh siad a mbiachláir agus chuireamar iad ar an mballa. Féach anseo ar an obair maith.

07 Oct2020October 12, 2020

Family coat of arms

In SPHE we investigated our sense of who we are and drew our own personal coat of arms, identifying the aspects of our lives that are most important to us. We also researched our family coat of arms. We learnt what the symbols and colours on our family crest mean and what our family motto...

23 Sep2020September 23, 2020

Sixth Class Study Skills History Mind Map

In History we have learned about the Celts. After studying all about them we then learnt how to use a study skill called mindmaps. We used the mindmap to summarise all the information we had learnt about the Celts. We were amazed at how much this helped us to remember all the information that we...

23 Sep2020October 7, 2020

Sixth Class Recount Writing

In English Sixth Class have worked hard on their Recount Writing of their Summer holidays. They have written lovely accounts of the unusual circumstances that they experienced this Summer due to Covid 19. We have lots of budding writers in our class. Click here to see their displayed work.

23 Sep2020October 7, 2020

Sixth Class Art

Sixth Class have been working hard in English and learning about Malala. They were inspired by Malala’s story and her courageous, selfless nature. They listened to her lifestory and responded through art. They used chalk pastels to illustrate her life in Pakistan in contrast to her life in Birmingham. Click here to see their artwork

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