Public Speaking Final 6th Class

Sixth Class and Mr Smyth provided a memorable day on Friday 16th June when another rite of passage took place- the Public Speaking Final for 6th class.

The six finalists were Caleb, Tony, Jane, Emma, Harry and John. Their knowledge on topics which ranged from The Moon, Dogs,  How Dreams reveal Answers to Conundrums such as Benzene, the Ultimate Basketball Team to OI was highly informative and entertaining.

The runner up was Harry with his speech about How Dreams reveal Answers to Life’s Conundrums. His delivery was all the more impressive as he had memorised his entire speech.

The winner was Jane who spoke so eloquently about her personal life story on Living with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Her honest account of OI and her life journey so far deemed her the undisputable winner.

Thank you to Ms Michelle Boyle for adjudicating and speaking so highly on the delivery by each pupil. Their preparation, wit and engagement with the audience shone as brightly as the sun on the day.

We commend every sixth class pupil who prepared a short speech in class for this competition and we hope that they continue to work on their oratory skills for future presentations.

Check out the photographs here