February Art

Beautiful Butterflies

We created 3D monarch butterflies by following a directed drawing. We used chalk pastels to create a spiral background design. You can see them HERE.

Hedgehog Love

Love was well and truly in the air in the run up to Valentine’s Day. We are still focusing on the Drawing strand from the Arts curriculum, so the focus was on line and space. You can see the process and finished results HERE.

St. Brigid’s Day Crosses

Audrey brought in rushes for us to use to make St. Brigid’s Day Crosses. We found it a little complicated in the beginning but with persistence, patience and lots of elastic bands we got there in the end! Check out the crosses HERE.

Chinese New Year Lanterns

We researched China and how the Chinese New Year is celebrated. We loved learning about the Festival of Lanterns and, after reading all about it, we made our own lanterns. You can see photographs HERE.