3rd Class June Updates

We had a very busy final month in 3rd Class.

The month started off with a cracking start when we went on our school tour. We went to Navan Adventure Centre and experienced 10 different outdoor activities. It was epic fun! Our favourite activity was definitely the obstacle course as we had to crawl through a muddy tunnel…thankfully it was on a sunny day! Click HERE to see some of the fun! 

Louth Sport’s Partnership provided chalk sets for each child in the school. Click HERE to see how we used them.

The local ambulance crew were on standby in case Ms O’Rourke went into labour when they visited with two ambulances. They were invited by Ms. Jordan. They showed us lots of different equipment and we got to examine the inside of the ambulances up close. You can see photographs HERE

Our green fingers were busy once again when Martin visited us to re-energise the Dream Time Garden. We managed to replant the entire garden in under 30 minutes! Thanks to Audrey, Orlagh and Ms. Lambert who all pitched in to help us. You can see photographs HERE.

We drew ladybirds and experimented with a paint wash. You can see how they turned out HERE.

Our final art project this year were collages featuring lighthouses. We painted the seascape first and experimented with line and pattern to create lovely backdrops. Our next step was to make lighthouses out of paper. We loved how they turned out and it was fantastic that no two lighthouses were the same. Check them out HERE.

Sports Day is always a highlight of the year and this year was no different. It was a great example of team work and fun. See some of our photographs HERE. 

June started with a workshop about keeping our teeth healthy. We looked at acid attacks, correct brushing and the food pyramid. We took all the information we learned throughout the lessons and wrote pamphlets to spread the word about how to keep your teeth in tip top condition! Check them out HERE.

We really enjoyed learning about Vikings this month. We collected lots of cardboard and other materials and put them all to very good use – we made Viking Shields! Some of the groups took it a step further and started designing longships too – it’s amazing what we can achieve when we work together! See some examples HERE. 

3rd Class wouldn’t be 3rd Class without the annual potato wedges. Usually we have enough for the class but this year the crop was so huge that we had enough for two portions for everyone in our class, a portion for everyone in Junior Infants, 4th Class, 5th Class and 6th Class! We also treated the staff to some wedges too. We may be biased but they were yummy! Click HERE.

Our final science experiment of the year was to establish a class wormery. It was amazing to see how the worms travelled through the soil and mixed the different levels of sand. It helped us to understand how worms help fertilise the soil and why our vegetable patch ended up yielding so much this year! Click HERE. 

It wouldn’t be the end of the year in Ms. O’Rourke’s class without the annual water fight! This year we were indebted to Ms. Doherty, Denise, Orlagh and Ms. Lynch for facilitating the water fight when our teacher was delayed. Click HERE to see some very soaked children and staff!