Welcome to First Class!

We have had a wonderful first week in First Class! We have painted, used the Chromebooks, completed our first STEM challenge and learned lots of new games. Most importantly we have had lots of fun! You can find some  information and photographs from our activities below but keep an eye on the September Drive to see more of our activities. 


CLASS WEBSITE OF ACTIVITIES – click here for games, stories and activities we complete in our class.


Click here to see all our first day portraits!


Click HERE to see more photographs of our work on the Chromebooks! We learned how to navigate using Chrome and played lots of Maths games.

We played lots of different games together and worked really well as a team to complete some very hard challenges set by our teacher. We can’t wait to show you some of our lego challenge results but, for now, you can see some of our play activities HERE.

We created fantastic self-portraits! We focused on learning about lots of different lines and used this to create fabulous backgrounds for our black and white portraits. You can check them out HERE. 


In First Class we will complete lots of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) activities throughout the year. Our first one seemed simple, but required lots of problem solving and critical thinking skills! Can you make a long paper chain from one piece of a4 paper? We had one group who completed a chain that was taller than our teacher! You can see the results HERE. 

Our terrific toucans are a joy to behold! There is a wonderful burst of colour in our corridor now that our Toucans are sitting proudly outside our classroom. Our teacher was so impressed with the details we added into our drawings. We chose to draw Toucans after reading a wonderful story called Grandad’s Island. You can see them HERE.