October in First Class

Our October Google Drive folder of work is here, you can find details of the contents below.

Halloween is in full swing in First Class at the minute! Enter our classroom if you DARE! 🙂

We started preparing for Halloween by reading Creepy Carrots and designing our spooky Halloween door – which you can see HERE. You can check out some of the other stories we have read on our Goggle Sites under stories. 

We drew spooky haunted Halloween houses, which you can see HERE. 

We also designed creepy Frankenstein faces, which you can see HERE. We used a mixture of oil pastels, sharpie and crayons to make our faces extra scary! 

We used lots of new techniques during our art lesson about pumpkins, which you can see HERE. We drew lots of different lines using our sharpies and learned how to smudge oil pastels to create a 3D effect. 

October was also meant we celebrated EU Coding Week by using our Chromebooks, class computers and Beebots. We integrated Maths and Computers by signing up to NumBots and working hard to improve our tables scores. You can check out our Chromebook work HERE and our Beebot work with 2nd Class HERE. 

In History we were learning all about personal timelines and how to sequence ages and milestones. We had a special visitor to our room when baby Éabha visited with her mum Mags. We asked Mags lots of questions about baby Éabha to find out what she liked to do and how Mags looked after her. Big sister Fiadh was very proud! You can check out photos from their visit HERE. 

We all made playdough this month in small groups with Audrey and Denise. We had so much fun following the recipe, working on our mixing skills and kneading the playdough. We also enjoyed making a productive mess in the kitchen! You can see our photographs HERE. 

Our focus during Art lessons this month was using lots of different lines. We created umbrella pictures using sharpies to draw different types of lines and chalk markers to add texture to our rain marks. How many lines can you spot in our photographs HERE? 

Science in October was focused on learning about our senses. We completed lots of trails focusing on different senses on the school grounds and inside the building but our favourite activity was the smell test – our teacher chose lots of different smells for us to guess (some not very nice ones!). You can check our senses unit out here. 

In Art, we created 3D pumpkins using smudging and oil pastels. We backed them onto fabulous designed pages. Check them our HERE. 

Finally, we loved creating our Zentangle Pumpkins – you can check out our designs HERE.