In St. Peter’s, we pride ourselves on having a wide range of ICT (Information & Communications Technology) available for our children to use to enhance their learning. We currently have an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) in each classroom (8 in total) along with a touch screen interactive TV from September 2016.  We have two laptop trolleys with 16 DELL laptops and 16 Compaq laptops, so we can have one laptop for each child (depending on the activity). Each classroom is equipped with a digital camera, speaker system, microphone and at least one set of headphones. The school also has a digital video camera.

In 2011 we installed new work stations in 4 classrooms and a resource room. On each of these stations is space for 3 to 4 screens. These are networked to a server. We also set up a TV screen in our main reception area, which can broadcast the latest information to parents almost instantly. A Data Projector and screen was added to the main hall.

2012 saw the introduction of visualisers to all classrooms and the following year IPad tablets were purchased reflecting the movement towards educational Apps on smaller hand held devices. A further upgrade in 2015 and 2016 saw the replacement of individual PC towers with 20 screens run from a central server

All this wonderful technology was made possible by the continued support of the parents and community during our fundraising activities. We also have wireless internet access (upgraded to super fast e-fibre broadband in 2015) and a whole section on our website devoted to interactive educational activities. We hope to showcase some of the work we do so make sure to check back often!