Grandparents’ Day 2017

As part of Catholic Schools’ Week 2017, Ms Larney’s 3rd class celebrated Grandparents’ Day in their room on Wednesday 1st February. Nearly 50 grandads and grandmas attended much to the delight of their proud grandchildren.

We had a lovely morning with song, prayer, poetry, rap and a fascinating question and answer session conducted by Mr. Hamilton. It is amazing to hear how much things have changed in the past fifty years. Pat Mc Keown told of going to school barefoot and Theresa Sweeney recalled collecting fire wood for the fire in the classroom on the way to school!! There was also mention of writing with chalk on slates and  the fact that there were no computers or mobile phones. How did we survive!!

Our interactive whiteboards were demonstrated and Nancy Hanberry proved a dab hand at writing with the interactive pen. This was followed with a tables shoot out between grandparents and grandchildren conducted by Ms Larney and Mr Hamilton. The result was too close to call!

Many thanks to all those grandparents who attended and to Ms Larney and her pupils for organising such a lovely event